Before the pandemic hit, Randy was working as a small business consultant. His first client, The Dining Car, is a Boston based food truck and catering company that specializes in making delicious artisan sandwiches. At the beginning of 2020, Randy pitched The Dining Car a comprehensive plan to grow their business. From  strengthening their brand image to launching a corporate catering program, Randy and The Dining Car had a full strategic plan for how they would grow their brand.


As the year progressed, Randy and The Dining Car worked closely together to prepare for the April launch of the food truck. They were determined to make this their most profitable year yet. Unfortunately, we all know how this story ended. The Covid-19 crisis came in March and all of their plans were put on hold. Suddenly they found themselves in a position where all of their major catering bookings were cancelled and their loyal customers who would visit during the work week were now working from home. Since then, they've spent their time implementing an entirely new plan focused on developing their own in-house delivery service and partnering with apartment complexes to serve takeout. 

Through this process of working with The Dining Car and a few other clients, Randy has witnessed first hand the impact that Covid-19 is having on small businesses. Lacking ample resources, many small business can not adapt to these new circumstances as quickly or effectively as better-capitalized organizations.


In an effort to expand the resource pool of these small businesses, Randy has launched Probono, a free professional services organization. The purpose of this organization is to connect business savvy volunteers with small businesses in need. Our goal is to help small businesses successfully navigate this economic crisis.


empowering small businesses to reach their full potential


to show the world the power of bringing people together



Our strategists work with the business owners to understand their needs and formulate a strategy that our team can execute.


Our strategists work directly with our solution experts to implement the strategic plan.


Our team will work with you to adapt the plan and make changes as needed for a successful implementation.